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Anthony Baron Kirk is a lifestyle, nutrition, and movement coach, a licensed CHEK Practitioner, IMS 4, HLC 3, holistic lifestyle therapist, and personal life system’s strategist. A life long health advocate, Anthony has a long history of working with people of all ages, abilities and health and fitness needs. From the professional athlete to the Mother in high demand, his experience spans the spectrum. As a father, Anthony has focused on and become an expert in nutrition for pre and post pregnancy and the unique needs of the child, in utero, as an infant and throughout childhood. WITH OVER 23 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, ANTHONY BUILDS SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE AND PROVEN PROGRAMS. THROUGH CAREFUL DIAGNOSIS, THE PRESCRIPTIVE PLANS WRITTEN BY ANTHONY HAVE HEALED AND HELPED PEOPLE WITH CHRONIC AILMENTS TO ADVANCED DISEASE STATES. TEACHING LONG TERM HEALTH STRATEGIES, HEALING PROTOCOLS, PAIN FREE LIVING AND CHALLENGING MOVEMENT PROGRAMS, ANTHONY WILL KEEP IT FUN AND ENGAGING-MOVEMENT AND HEALTH AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.Teaching self-healthcare through principles, that once understood and practiced, create health sovereignty. In a world of confusing fitness claims, health crazes, fad diets, corporate food-like products and side-effect heavy pharmaceuticals, nothing is more important than taking back ownership and responsibility of one’s health. Utilizing the ancestral lens of investigation, offers us one of the most effective tools for understanding where we came from, how we evolved and what that process can tell us about restoring health, community and a deeper sense of belonging. Through unlocking a client’s physical, mental and emotional patterns, Anthony coaches how to create new patterns for restored health, optimal movement and a renewed zest for life.


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  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3, Integrated Movement Science Level 1, Integrated Movement Science Level 2, Integrated Movement Science Level 3, Integrated Movement Science Level 4