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As a , Neurosomatic & Holistic Therapist with over 16 years of clinical experience working with celebrities, pro athletes, and all walks of life, Aleks guides clients and students globally to live in harmony with themselves and others – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Aleks Rybchinskiy is the co-founder of Primal Fusion Health, specializing in wellness education and primal integration to live well, and as one of the youngest professionals to reach Level IV training at the C.H.E.K. Institute, he’s become part of an elite group of less than 50 practitioners practicing in the top 1% of this field worldwide. He is a seasoned record-breaker having started his life on this earth by defeating the greatest odds, a kind of momentum that has remained a natural part of his path and continues to leave jaws dropped (and TMJ corrected) in its wake.

Beyond his impressive credentials and expertise, Aleks is deeply committed to helping his clients cultivate awareness and self-discovery through their challenges. He is a natural in the flow state, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds and helping them tap into their full potential.

Aleks’s journey to becoming a healer was shaped by his own remarkable story of survival and resilience. Born in 1988 into a Russian communist regime as an only child, he faced early health challenges when he suffered from laryngitis at the age of 3 and was given an overdose of sleep medication by his doctors, which caused him to be declared legally dead upon arrival at the hospital. Through a miraculous tracheotomy, he was revived, but the incident affected his ability to speak and breathe energetically. Despite this setback, he slowly recovered and went on to become a refugee from Ukraine in 1992, eventually settling in the United States.

Today, Aleks draws on his personal experiences as well as his extensive knowledge and skills to help others overcome their own challenges and achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.


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  • Chek Academy, Chek Faculty, CHEK Practitioner Level 1, CHEK Practitioner Level 2, CHEK Practitioner Level 3, CHEK Practitioner Level 4, CHEK Practitioner Level 5, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3, Integrated Movement Science Level 1, Integrated Movement Science Level 2, Integrated Movement Science Level 3, Integrated Movement Science Level 4, Integrated Movement Science Level 5, Master CHEK Practitioner


Q What are the rates for your services and how much does a program cost?

Our rates are between $375-$500 per hour depending upon which service and provider you are working with, and whether or not you are a student.

There is an onboarding process for all new clients, no matter what journey is being chosen, and the onboard takes about 10 hours. See below to see what that looks like for each service.

Once you get through the case development phase of onboarding, there is another 10 hours, roughly, of physical therapy, manual therapy, education, program development (phase 1-2), coaching and training; spaced out between 4-8 weeks dependent upon individual needs and requirements. That is a total of 20 hours for functional coaching programs to reach completion, at a minimum. Many go beyond that. However, at the minimum, a coaching program ranges between $7500-10,000 in stages 1-2.

We absolutely understand that large investments can cause a suspension in the decision making process, and we have struggled with that many times in the past ourselves which is why we choose to be fully transparent about our rates. For context, the average hourly rate for a therapist ranges between $262-$678 without insurance.

Q Are there other options if I can't afford to work with you 1-1?

Yes! For this reason we set up our online membership in 2020 to provide the community and our clients with affordable access to continued support in all areas of their life. For $97 a month you get 2 hours of coaching each week at designated times every Monday, as well as access to recorded community Q&A calls, pdf downloads, courses and links to resources and free books. If you want to learn more about that, click on any of our links to Primal Pride or just copy and paste www.primalpride.com into your browser.

Q Do you work remotely and/or online with clients?

Yes, in fact we work with people from all over the world! However its always important to factor in that when you schedule with us that we are on Central Standard Time and so if you are on a different time zone, to be sure to adjust that time to reflect the correct time for your area.

*However, we cannot coach and develop sports performance or rehabilitation programs for anyone remotely until we have seen you in person for a full orthopedic physical assessment first. In these cases, our clients will fly or drive in (depending on where they live) and stay here at AnKi Sanctuary in the guest cottage with access to the Primal Fusion health facility for 3-4 days to complete the onboard and phase 1 of the program.

Q Can I schedule and pay for one hour at a time?

If you are seeking to work with Aleks on developing a program; no. If you are seeking to work with Sara informally and just need some guidance, yes.

Overall, only established clients that have completed at least 20 hours (either a full program, or a full onboard and parts 1-3 of counseling and/or integration can have the option to schedule 1-2 hours at a time because it takes time to build a foundation.

Keep in mind that we rarely even have follow up appointments or sessions that are less than 2 hours due to the nature of the work we do with our clients.

Q Can I cancel and get a refund once I've registered? If so, how?

We understand that things happen or come up that may require some reverse actions to help you to find a new center and direction. Our cancellation policies are clearly stated in our website or TOS. We are happy to work with you in cases of emergency. Based on our policies, we review where we are in the onboarding process and how much time (if any) we've logged in the client notes folder (ie; interviews, consult calls, 1-1 appointments, review of intakes, evaluations, notes, case planning, next steps etc) and we add that time up for its face value at our billable rate, and subtract this from what you paid (the whole or partial amount) and then we issue the total back to you as a refund.

To ensure the best experience for you and other clients, cancellations must be made by calling or texting your practitioner by 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Q Why am I charged for hours outside of my appointments?

We work for you, and only you, quite often and diligently in between your appointments with us, including work on your intake forms and Q&As, assessment results, remote support, program design and case planning. All billable time applied outside of scheduled appointments is logged in your client time log and you have full access to that at any time you would like to see it.

Q How long does a typical coaching program take?

After the initial onboard, which can average between 2 and 5 days, there is a scheduled appointment to gather more information and discuss goals. During the 1st appointment, there may be an orthopedic assessment which can take up to 4 hours or more. All of this information gathered is necessary for the most optimal programming to meet your goals. This is also a lot of information to review and evaluate before creating the first stage program, and can take anywhere between 7 to 12 business days, depending on practitioner case load. The practitioner will teach you some initial exercises, and stretches to perform and then review your movements upon your 2nd visit before executing final deliverable in a program. This is to ensure that you are physically responding to the initial work and exercises given, and if not then further soft tissue work (NST) and functional movement retraining will be necessary. Until the practitioner is confident that you are able to perform certain movements without pain or risk of injury, they will not assign a full program. If you present conditions that are worsening, this can take longer in terms of adjustments and foundational movement re-training. On average, a program can take anywhere from 10 to 18 weeks depending on goals.

Q What's the difference between Holistic Counseling and Integration Therapy?

Holistic counseling works to address the root causes of pain conditions in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of one's life, as well as working to overcome challenges in all areas of life by learning and understanding the core self through values and beliefs, while identifying authentic goals. Integration Therapy is the 2nd step to Holistic Counseling in which one has achieved foundational realizations, begun to make changes in their lives and now must learn to integrate their new Self into the same environments in which they live, work, learn and connect with others.