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Sage Health Coaching


Here at Sage Health, we are interested in what is called “Etiology” which refers to the study of causes and origins. Rather than a conventional palliative approach that only deals with the superficial, symptomatic expression of disease, my system is designed to optimize the body, mind, and spirit with time-tested, evidence-based methods and a personalized program design that tailors the approach to you as a unique individual, honoring your own individual authority.

As a qualified level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coach licensed through the C.H.E.K Institute, I am deeply committed to helping you discover and achieve your personal dreams, goals, and objectives. I am equipped with the knowledge and the expertise to help you experience a state of health and happiness that you may have never experienced before. We will work together to uncover the underlying sources of your stress and implement a tailored approach that will guarantee that the changes you are being asked to make, don’t cause more stress than they are designed to alleviate. We will make sure that you are moving progressively in the direction of true healing and not just another temporary suppression of your symptoms.  

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  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2