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  • Chronic Pain Rehab
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching
  • Postural Realignment
  • Sports Performance

Joanna Rushton


As a holistic health and energy therapist, teacher and author i have studied under some of the world’s leading holistic health practitioners and healers. I am a Faculty Member of the Chek Institute, and teach Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 1 and 2 across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and the UK

I speak and teach internationally on health, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle and run a multi-disciplinary private practice, where I work with individuals and families. 

My expertise lie in providing the practical tools and emotional support required to implement change across all levels of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

We often know what we need to do, and yet sometimes the ‘how’ can be overwhelming. I break things down into easy and achievable steps for long-term sustainable success.

I am committed to empowering individuals to transform their way of thinking, improve their personal health, achieve their personal goals, and add quality years to people’s lives. 

My coaching and healings are conducted both an online and face-to-face.

I am also the Co-Founder and Director of Bhavana Organic Farm + Cooking School located in the Hinterland of Byron Bay. My passion for the land and working in harmony with Mother Nature to provide simple and delicious food experiences in a nurturing environment has been the inspiration behind Bhavana. 

When i’m not in Sydney, you’ll find me in the heart of Byron’s hinterland providing transformational food and wellness experiences for food and health enthusiasts alike.


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  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3, Integrated Movement Science Level 1