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Tom Dorman – Pelvic Pro


As a personal trainer Tom became interested in how to use exercise to correct postural imbalances, restore core strength and help clients move confidently and free from pain. 

Tom’s interest in postnatal recovery came after helping his own mother regain strength, mobility and confidence – decades after she’d birthed him!

After a few years of working with time-poor clients who consistently skipped meals, Tom developed a wholefood snack product, with his friend Luke, that would help him and his clients to stay energised and satisfied. 

A decade later, Tom & Luke is one of the leading healthy snack food companies in New Zealand, and growing its global recognition in 5 countries.

Now, after the birth of his own son, Tom is helping mothers safely and effectively return to exercise, and dad’s stay strong and active, creating healthy role models for future generations.

This Tom & Luke co-founder knows a thing or two about how to remain healthy and strong through seemingly high-stress periods…

As a Holistic Life Coach, Tom helps guide his clients to not only get better results in the gym, but better results in life! 

Whether the beautiful journey of becoming a mother has left you feeling mentally and physically depleted, or  the stress of your career or business is starting to impact your physical wellbeing, then Tom has the tools and experience to help you reclaim your health, enhance your energy and move with confidence!

Additional Details

  • Chek Academy, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2, Integrated Movement Science Level 3