• Body Transformation
  • Chronic Pain Rehab
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching
  • Postural Realignment
  • Sports Performance

Pure Fitness and Wellbeing


Experience Personal Training in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Dedicated to enhancing your fitness and well-being so you can look, feel and be the best version of yourself.

My holistic approach focuses on the body and mind connection supporting you to reach your fitness goals. I specialise in building confidence with movement and extending mobility after an injury or long term break from exercise, core strength and flexibility. I share strategies to create healthy habits that break the invisible boundaries preventing you from achieving your fitness goals.

My Mobile Personal Training sessions heal, rejuvenate and strengthen your body, mind and spirit. PT Servicing Cedar Creek, Kobble Creek, Samford, Dayboro & Brisbane.

Additional Details

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1


Q What areas do you service as a mobile personal trainer?

Cedar Creek 4520, Samford, Samford Village, Samford Valley, Upper Kedron, Ferny Grove, Camp Mount, Mount Glorious

Q What type of exercises do you include in your personal training sessions?

I bring everything to you. Weights, bands, boxing gloves, ropes, medicine balls etc. Our complimentary consultation provides with an understanding of your needs, goals and struggles as well as past injuries so that we can create a customised program that inspires and challenges you on your fitness journey.

Q What differentiates you from other Personal Trainers?

I practice what I’ve learnt and am dedicated to ongoing learning in the field of health and fitness. I am passionate about supporting people to enhance their health and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

I look at my clients holistically to help them understand how little tweaks to their lifestyle and habits can create meaningful change and help them achieve their fitness goals. Whether that be losing weight, gaining strength, improving their balance and flexibility or enhancing their energy levels.. or all of the above. My sessions are 45 mins but the knowledge and resources I share with you support your through the week between our sessions.