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  • Postural Realignment
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Jonathan Blair – Synergy Health Group


Jonathan holds a Master of Science (MS) in Exercise Physiology, Master of Science (MS) in Nutritional Science, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Kinesiology – Exercise Science, NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Master Certified Personal Trainer (MCPT) and is a Licensed CHEK Practitioner. 

Jonathan’s journey is deeply rooted in personal experience. Having overcome a significant lower body injury himself, Jonathan brings a profound understanding of the challenges and triumphs associated with rehabilitation. With a decade of hands-on experience in a rehabilitative setting, he has honed his expertise in guiding others through their own healing journeys. Specializing in body transformation, postural alignment, chronic pain, and a holistic approach to exercise, Jonathan seamlessly integrates his personal insight into his coaching philosophy. His journey fuels a passion for empowering individuals to not only recover but to thrive, fostering a profound connection between personal experience and professional expertise. Jonathan’s unique blend of personal resilience and professional knowledge paves the way for your own triumphant health journey.

Having spent a significant part of his life sharing scientific knowledge and promoting a healthy lifestyle, Jonathan is committed to making a positive impact on his clients, family, and friends. His expertise extends to working with various groups, including Navy Special Warfare, USA Women’s Eagles 7s Rugby Team, Collegiate level Basketball and Baseball, adults, children, and the elderly, in both individual and clinical therapy settings, accumulating invaluable experience since 2011.


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  • CHEK Practitioner Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1, Integrated Movement Science Level 1