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Endurance Coach Stephanie Holbrook

Train Smart | Race Fast

Are you an endurance athlete looking to get fit, fast, and healthy?

Coach Stephanie Holbrook has compassionately guided athletes since 2008 and specializes in helping runners, cyclists, and triathletes reach their peak performance.

She discovered the CHEK institute when her health suffered as a traditional endurance athlete—but she was determined to find solutions that worked for her and others. Using this knowledge, she’s gathered over the years, she can help you become your best self yet!

Whether running faster or farther than ever before or cycling with ease – whatever you struggle with — Coach Stephanie is here to show you all the fun ways to challenge yourself while simultaneously providing support for every step (or pedal stroke) of the course!

Her mission is simple – “to support clients through intentional training plans so they can go beyond limits they didn’t know existed.”

Get on board with Coach Stephanie today by signing up for one-on-one coaching sessions or joining one of her custom group programs! You’ll be glad you did.

Additional Details

  • CHEK Practitioner Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1