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Learn How I Used Spiritual Development to DISCOVER & LIVE My Purpose WITHOUT Compromising Integrity

The Crisis

Spiritual Awakening often begins with a crisis

This may be a Health Crisis

or a Financial Crisis

or a Relationship Crisis

For me, I avoided my crisis for a while, but eventually I confronted it. 

When I did, I learned that what I was doing in my life just wasn’t working

And so I needed a change


I realized that so much of my life was a product of Other People’s Ideas.

I realized that I had absorbed the Beliefs/Feelings/Behaviors of the people that I grew up with

I’m talking about: 

Family Conditioning

Social Norms

Formal Education

Unconsciously absorbed the Beliefs from my Environment, and realized that these Unconscious Beliefs Were Creating My Life Circumstances


When I realized this, I knew I had to Become Aware of My Patterns of Thinking, Feelings, & Willing

And more, I had to Actually Transform these Patterns into Positive Dream-Affirmative Patterns


When I stopped acting out of a “reactive pattern”started acting from my “conscious patterns”, then I started to see real results

  • I became Healthier
  • I became More Attractive
  • I had More Harmonious Relationships
  • I received More Financial Opportunities
  • I felt More Connected to MySELF



However, it wasn’t an easy or linear process

I was often confused

  • Who should I trust and go to for guidance?
  • How do I transition my lifestyle to one that’s more consciously integrated?
  • How do I connect consistently to my Higher Self
  • How do I manage the intense physical/emotional pain that’s coming up?
  • How do I stay financially healthy while undergoing a spiritual journey?
  • How do I find real holistic medicine for my newly discovered health challenges?
  • How do I communicate in a way that’s understood by others 
  • How to I discern Illusions from Real Spiritual Perception?

And perhaps most importantly:

How do I maintain Abundance through a Spiritual Awakening, WITHOUT Sacrificing my Integrity 

When the being to listen to Soul, more and more we become aware of the patterns & universal principles that Soul operates on. Soul will tell us what thoughts, feelings, & choices are right for us and which ones are not. 

This is known as Integrity, Natural Law, or Dharma

This voice can tell us to 

  • Quit your Job
  • Leave/transform your Relationship
  • Spend your Money
  • Change your Lifestyle

However, the “reactive patterns” will often reply

  • I need my job for the money
  • I don’t want/need to change
  • I need to save my money
  • I can’t afford to change my lifestyle! 

Suddenly, all the conditioned beliefs of the past come roaring back, leaving you questioning your sanity 

Experiences like these leave us feeling defeated, confused, & terrified

The Solution

  • real spiritual discernment
  • A scientific approach based on personal experience
  • Alignment of Thought, Feeling, & Action
  • A Strategy for Integration
  • Personal Integrity
  • Respect for Individual Spiritual Autonomy

The Above, unfortunately is sorely lacking in most spiritual circles, leaving participants more and more confused, gaslit, financially disabled, and without real results

Real Spiritual Development Produces Real Results

  • Financial Results
  • Health/Attractiveness Results
  • Relationship Results
  • Meaningful Impact Results

Who is This For?

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, & Spiritual Seekers who are experiencing a spiritual awakening or crisis
  • Individuals who want to evolve spiritually in order to make a difference on this planet
  • Individuals who sense the need for Integrity & Discernment through a spiritual awakening
  • Individuals who DO NOT wish to give up their spiritual autonomy to a Guru, Teacher, Priest, or Guide
  • Individuals who are choosing to take responsibility for their spiritual development 

How Does It Work?

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  5. Gain Clarity & Confidence on your next steps

What if I’m Not Ready?

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Additional Details

  • CHEK Practitioner Level 2, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2, Integrated Movement Science Level 2


Q Where are you located?

I'm currently located in Austin, Texas; however, I work with clients primarily online through zoom