• Body Transformation
  • Chronic Pain Rehab
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching
  • Postural Realignment
  • Sports Performance

I was (and still am) obsessed by sports as a child and have always been active. Aged 14, I began weight training in my school’s gym, but took up weight training seriously at 23. At the age of 27, I completed my first course with the American College of Sports Medicine and my career took off from there.

Since then, I have been passionate about learning and then turning that learning into wisdom through the experience of what is now over 25 years working with clients. I’ve always sought the ‘best of the best’ to learn from and I am as passionate about my work and about gaining knowledge now as much as I was in 1996, when my career in health, wellness and performance started.

I’ve studied many different disciplines, including corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, tennis conditioning, nutrition, functional medicine, energy medicine, BioGeometry and manual therapy to name a few. This has given me the ability to provide a truly holistic approach to helping my clients over the years, which they have found very effective often times after other approaches hadn’t helped them.

I’ve formally studied with some of the world’s greatest minds such as Paul Chek, Bill Wolcott, Dr John Veltheim, Dr Michael Leahy, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr Ibrahim Karim.

As well as being passionate about helping clients, I have also been a member of the Faculty of the world-renowned CHEK Institute since 2010 teaching and presenting in Europe, USA and Australia. I’ve also published four health and fitness books and have a number of online professional education programmes.

In 2022, I started The Radical Health Rebel Podcast with weekly discussions and interviews on all things health and wellness, whether it is nutrition, exercise, functional medicine, gut health, spirituality, mindfulness, psychology, politics and more. All the information is broken down and made easy to understand and implement for all health enthusiasts and those seeking to overcome a health challenge. 

Outside of work, I have a passion for music, especially dance music and I love to get out on the tennis court at least once per week as well as getting into nature for a long walk near to my home.

If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to contact via my website www.bodychek.co.uk


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  • Chek Academy, Chek Faculty, CHEK Practitioner Level 1, CHEK Practitioner Level 2, CHEK Practitioner Level 3, CHEK Practitioner Level 4, CHEK Practitioner Level 5, CHEK Tennis Conditioning Specialist, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3, Integrated Movement Science Level 1, Integrated Movement Science Level 2, Integrated Movement Science Level 3, Integrated Movement Science Level 4, Integrated Movement Science Level 5, Master CHEK Practitioner


Q What do you charge?

Programme fees are calculated based on the case requirements and financial status of each client. Each programme is ‘bespoke’ and therefore, the fees are different for each person. Each case is discussed in detail during an initial consultation to ensure the best possible outcome, taking all factors into consideration.

Q Where are you based?

I do most of my work online, but for those who need to see me in person, I am based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, in a Physio Clinic just 10 minutes drive from Junction 25 of the M25 and 7 minutes walk from 2 train stations served from London Liverpool Street and London Stratford stations and 30-minutes taxi ride from Stansted Airport, 40-minutes from Luton Airport.

Q What hours are you available?

I am available between 9am-6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, for online coaching and Saturday mornings in-person.

Q What do I need to do to set up an initial consultation?

Go to my website, www.bodychek.co.uk, hit the orange button and enter your details for a consultation and you will be contacted with further details. You will be required to complete a series of health questionnaires prior to scheduling your consultation.

Q Can I have directions to your venue?

Traveling by Car:

Use this Google Map >>> https://bit.ly/DirectionsShawePhysio

Nearest Train Stations:
Broxbourne & Rye House (7 minute walk) – on the London Liverpool Street and London Stratford to Hertford East train route.

Q Can I come and see you for a one-off session?

With the kind of work I do, it is rare that one session will ever get the result that someone needs. Most of the people I work with have ongoing challenges, often have seen a number of other practitioners and their conditions do not respond to ‘quick fixes’. Except in very rare cases, I will only work with people who are willing to commit to a long-term solution. If someone is in London for business for a short period for instance, then I may be able to help during their stay.

Q If I have a biomechanical assessment with you, what should I wear?

It’s important for me when I work with people in the gym or treatment room, that I am able to see the face, head and neck, as much of the torso as possible, the legs and the feet. Men usually just wear a pair of shorts and women tend to wear shorts and crop top or sports bra. Long hair needs to be tied up on the head.

Q How long does it take to achieve results?

Everyone is different. Depending on the severity of the condition, the length of time the person has had the condition, their past and current nutritional and lifestyle habits, their exercise training history, their willingness and ability to change lifestyle behaviours, plus how frequently they are able to see me will affect the time to full recovery and being able to lead life to the full without a recurrence.
I only take on clients who are willing to commit to a 6-month coaching programme as a minimum, but some conditions such as lumbar spine disc herniations can take as long as 2 years to fully rehabilitate.

Q Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! As long as the client performs all the tasks agreed in a timely manner and logs the tasks as requested and they have not achieved their desired result by the specified time-goal.
I only take on clients who I am confident are willing to do the work and stay committed to the programme to achieve their goals. I don’t except just anyone as a client. I only take on clients when I feel we are a good fit for each other.

Q Can you work with me if I live outside Hertfordshire or outside the UK?

Yes! I have worked with many clients from overseas. Most of the work I do now is performed online. Some people I can work with totally remotely, others have flown in from overseas for a day or two every 2 months for physical assessments and in-person exercise coaching and are coached in between online.